Survival Tips – What To Do When Kidnapped

fam-survival-thumb1Survival Tips: What To Do When Kidnapped

For so long, parents have taught children to stay away from strangers. And for good reason. Children are vulnerable and need to learn how to keep safe and to protect themselves from kidnapping. We drill them to never take candy from a stranger except on Halloween and never to ride in a car with someone they don’t know. However, children do not necessarily have the same concept of a stranger that an adult has. A child that has been brought up with encouragement and has built self-confidence will be in a better position to identify a potentially dangerous situation and to get away from it. Still, kidnappings are perpetrated not only by strangers. There are statistics that show almost half of juvenile kidnappings were done by family members. More than a quarter by an acquaintance, and the rest by strangers.

In the face of all these, and even though kidnappings are not so common in the U.S. in countries like Mexico it is common place. Everywhere it is still important to be aware, to learn how to protect yourself, and how to escape if you ever become a victim.

Consider if you will, why would anyone want to kidnap you or a member of your family or employee?

While most kidnappings in the U.S. are parents trying to get their court removed or estranged children back, people are kidnapped for other reasons. i.e.: business competition, hatred, ransom, religion, sexual, terrorism to name a few.

The best defense is not to be there. There is no valid reason to go anywhere kidnappings are common. Better you lose a few dollars on a big deal (that will likely turn out to be a scam) or not have that great vacation in Puerto Dork then lose your life.

If you must risk your life going to a bad place, take out kidnapping insurance because they will know what to do to get you back in one piece. Besides your home owner’s insurance won’t cover this, heck your home owner’s insurance won’t even cover floods.

What to do.

During the first moments when a kidnapper tries to grab you, create a commotion by yelling and screaming and getting the attention of other people. Try to get to a public place where you can find people who can help you.

While you struggle with your kidnapper, pushing against him with all your strength can knock him off balance and give you the opportunity to be free from his grip, even for a second. If the kidnapper succeeded in getting you into his car, you can try to quickly go out one of the other doors. When that is not possible, lean on the horn and make as much noise as possible – again to catch the attention of other people. Anytime there are people on the street or in other cars who can see you, make a commotion.

Take a few minutes to examine the trunk of your car to see how trunk lids are opened from the inside so you will know what to do if locked in a car trunk where there won’t be any light once closed. Do not try to escape your own trunk without someone outside holding the key to let you out if you fail.

Carry something to defend yourself. A strong metal pen with a good sharply pointed tip is almost as good as a knife. In a pinch, a ring of keys with two or more fingers between the keys can look pretty scary especially if you can manage to mark your attacker for later identification.

In the event the kidnapper was able to take you to his house, continue finding a way to get noticed by other people who can help you. If they observe strange things happening in the kidnapper’s house, they will get suspicious and hopefully call the police. Use whatever means available to you — turning the lights on and off, making loud noises, screaming for help.

Look around for other things you can use like a telephone. Try all windows and doors. There may be a way out that is unlocked. You can attempt to unlock a door with tools you find or break a window. Don’t give up the hope of finding a way to escape and reporting the crime.

What if you are kidnapped by freedom fighters / terrorists?

It is better to be hurt and escape then fall into their hands.

Once they have you, try and act calm. Your kidnappers have just committed a major crime and will be on edge, don’t tip them into getting rid of you.

Remain hopeful as some victims are released. Being kidnapped can last a long time depending on various factors, you may be waiting a very long time, even years.

Refrain from being hostile, make no threats or demands.

Be helpful so long as others are not put in danger.

Do not lie, it will not go well for you if caught lying.

Acknowledge their cause may be valid, act as if taking up their side.

Cultivate the friendship of those of lower rank caring for you, who may be bullied by your captors.

Learn everything you can about your location, captors, etc. without making it apparent. Kidnappers may allow you small requests, ask for something to read, fast food, you may find clues where you are being held from an address label, receipt, etc.

Don’t offer money, it simply tells them how much they can ask for. If they ask for an amount you can afford, don’t take the bait, if you can come up with that amount easily, they will double their demands.

Offer to work off your ransom debit, wash their cars, cook, whatever.

Best advice is to avoid being kidnapped in the first place. Look for vehicles following, people video taping you. Vary your routes, seriously flip a coin, not if it’s Tuesday go through the park. Take a security driving course. Get a weapon’s permit, training. Hire a armed bodyguard. Have a safe room, etc.


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