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Wilderness Survival

How To Survive In The Wilderness There are many ways one might find themselves alone or with others in a wilderness survival situation from auto or airplane accident to forced out by terror and warfare. From the beginning of time man has survived on his own knowledge and skills passed down from one generation to [...] Read more

Surviving A Stinking Desert

Desert Survival You find yourself out on a stinking desert. Some experts say it doesn’t matter how you got there, I say it does. If you and/or your group were chased or forced to leave by way of the desert, you can not go back that way. Otherwise if you haven’t passed the halfway point, [...] Read more
survival tips for backpackers

Survival Tips For Backpackers

Why survival tips for backpackers? Certainly backpacking may never become a matter of wilderness survival for you, especially if you are careful in your planning. Still, getting lost or twisting an ankle far from any road is always a possibility. In any case, learning a few new things from time to time is a great [...] Read more
survival food for hikers

Survival Foods For Hikers

Survival foods are not the most important thing in most emergency situations in the wilderness. You survive weeks without eating if you have to, so it is usually more important to find shelter, water, and stay dry and uninjured. On the other hand, just knowing you can find food out there, and having something in [...] Read more
outdoor survival skills

Outdoor Survival Skills

Do you wish you could learn more about different outdoor survival skills? Are you less than confident regarding the idea of camping, hiking, or hunting alone? If this sounds like you, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you can spend your outdoor excursion communing with nature and enjoying yourself instead of worrying about [...] Read more
Survival Clothing For Outdoor Emergencies

Survival Clothing For Outdoor Emergencies

Maybe you don’t need to learn about survival clothing. Maybe you always hike with a spare jacket. Perhaps you never go out into the wilderness overnight, but just for day hikes. Or you bring lots of warm clothing when you do go backpacking. Nonetheless, hundreds of people die or come close to dying every year [...] Read more
cold weather survival

Cold Weather Survival

Six hours from the trailhead, 2 hours past his turn-around time and with storms filling in from the valley, Alex Theissen was at the edge of panic. What had started as a unremarkable spring outing in the White Mountains was going south quickly and the prospect of spending the night exposed at the timberline, with [...] Read more

Camping – Do You Have The Skills To Survive The Outdoors?

As our society becomes more and more technological, cold and urban, ever more people are starting to feel the urge to get away from it all, take a break from modern life and go back to the way things were for our ancestors. Perhaps this explains the rising popularity of camping holidays, the ultimate experience [...] Read more