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How To Survive A War

A war is possibly the last thing anybody would want to live to experience. The world has already been a witness to several world wars. As students of history, we have studied different wars and how the people during those times have lived. War times are definitely not good times. Recently, different parts in the [...] Read more
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all about hurricane survival

Hurricane Survival

A hurricane is essentially a large storm with high gusty winds, storm surges, and flooding that lasts up to two weeks or more. Usually, a hurricane will travel a path of open water that spans along the length of a coastal area, or seaboard. A Hurricane in the Atlantic a Cyclone in the Pacific can [...] Read more
wilderness remote

Wilderness Survival

How To Survive In The Wilderness There are many ways one might find themselves alone or with others in a wilderness survival situation from auto or airplane accident to forced out by terror and warfare. From the beginning of time man has survived on his own knowledge and skills passed down from one generation to [...] Read more
tornado on the road

How To Survive A Tornado

How To Survive a Tornado Over the years people have learned how to survive just about every crisis, those who don’t haven’t been paying attention. Of course as usual the best strategy is not to be there in the first place. Don’t build your castle on sand, river bank, volcano slope, etc. From the harmless [...] Read more
picture of cat with dog

Our Broken Trust With Animals

Our Broken Trust With Animals The large animal organizations and the public money. It is said that in America, anything the imagination can conjure up can be attained with persistence. In a society where we boast of freedom and clearly recognize the importance of our leadership in the world, one must be increasingly disillusioned by [...] Read more
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moving the family

Moving The Family in an Emergency

Being able to move your family to a safe location is dependent on planing, preparation and how much time is available. Some emergencies such as flooding, forest fires, hurricanes even volcanoes, may provide sufficient warning those who are prepared to hop into their vehicle and drive, can make it to safety. This theory presupposes everyone [...] Read more
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Surviving A Stinking Desert

Desert Survival You find yourself out on a stinking desert. Some experts say it doesn’t matter how you got there, I say it does. If you and/or your group were chased or forced to leave by way of the desert, you can not go back that way. Otherwise if you haven’t passed the halfway point, [...] Read more
Survival emergency kit

Bug Out Survival Bag

From the first sword hung by a bag of jerky to the sophisticated jet fighter ejection seat survival kit, the bug out bag has been there for people living in troubled times. No matter who you are or where you live, it is always possible you may have to abandon everything to escape what’s coming [...] Read more
marshal arts

Marshal Arts For Self Defense

Martial Arts For Self Defense “Daddy, the bully followed me home, teach me how to fight.” “Mom, some creepy guy tried to get in the car with me.” There are plenty of good reasons for parents to sign their children up for Martial Arts school. Once the decision has been made, how do you deal [...] Read more
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how to defend your home

How To Defend Your Home

When a survival situation happens, the odds are good that at some point, you are going to have to know what to do to protect yourself and those you care about. Whenever there’s chaos in an area, those intent on doing harm to others will look to find easy targets. They will want to steal [...] Read more
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